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Our responsibility


What Is the difference between SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and ICS (I


The commitment of our company’s control and quality management to real-time follow-up to ensure the continued application of environmental-preserving requirements.

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Dealing with waste in a technical and advanced scientific manner in cooperation with major companies specialized in this field


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Clean energy

Using clean energy that does not pollute the environment

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Energy saving

Ensure to work in accordance with internationally approved programs that save energy and water consumption in order to preserve the country’s resources

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Environmentally friendly

Using the latest environmentally friendly devices and machines that comply with international standards

Our responsibility

the society

Because we are part of society, it affects us and is affected by us
Interest in it is a matter for our consideration.


Human Development

Training the workforce to achieve the principle that human development is the head of progress and prosperity

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The unemployment

We contribute to the state’s efforts to solve the unemployment problem by providing various job opportunities



Contributing to the state’s efforts to develop our local community surrounding our factories



Participation in charitable initiatives provided by the state or civil society organizations

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