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Cotton Threads

Who we are

Chairman of the 
Bidewi Grovp

 Omar Bedewi

financial manager

 Osama Sami


 Zakarya Mejanni

About us

Bidco International was established for the spinning industry in 2016, and it is one of the companies affiliated with the Bidwe Group, which has more than eighty years of experience, which gave our company leadership in the field of the spinning industry due to the updates and challenges we have experienced across different generations of this industry. We have experienced many technologies, materials and exhibitions, and we have kept pace with the requirements of different and differentiated markets according to the needs of each era and according to cultures in all parts of the world. The company is also located on an area of 50,000 square meters, with a workforce of approximately 3,000 workers, subject to increase, as our production strength doubles and increases according to market requirements from year to year, until our production strength has now reached 100,000 spinners. Work is still continuing towards achieving further development and prosperity and moving forward towards greater horizontal and vertical expansion.


Our vision


Our vision stems from our appreciation for our country on the one hand and from the extent of our feeling of belonging to the field and sector of the spinning and textile industry and our sense of responsibility towards it on the other hand, given the great position that Egypt had occupied since ancient times in the field of spinning, which represented one of the largest Arab and Middle Eastern countries until it was exposed as a result of several factors. There has been a lot of political, economic and environmental decline, so our vision today is to put all of us, as Bidco International, from its youngest workers to its most senior leaders, to contribute to our country’s return to leadership once again, especially in light of the unprecedented efforts currently being made by the state and the political leadership to restore the spinning industry in Egypt to its proper place and first place. We aim to achieve more than all of the above, using modern technical and technological development on the one hand, and the great facilities provided by the state to manufacturers and investors in the field of spinning and weaving, on the other hand, in order to enrich the field and return Egyptian leadership to the top of the spinning industry in the world once again.

Our goals

  • Achieving continuous modernization of the work mechanisms in our factories and using the latest international technology, whether from a technical and technical standpoint or from an administrative and marketing standpoint.

  • Achieving horizontal and vertical expansion by establishing more expansions and factories, which is already being achieved by establishing our second factory on an area more than four times the current factory, using the latest technology in the world of spinning.

  • Increasing commercial expansion in markets on the horizontal level, as the company currently occupies a high position within the local markets and some free zones in Damietta and Alexandria, in addition to our goals towards establishing several commercial branches in different countries, focusing on the African and European markets.

  • Increasing vertical commercial expansion by increasing the proportion of supplies contracted with companies currently dealing with it, by providing more privileges, providing more raw materials, and developing modern work systems and mechanisms to increase production speed, as well as increasing the number of our aforementioned factories.

  • Qualitative development of our products by producing yarns of different and new types with specifications that suit the needs of the market so that we can meet the requirements of the local and international market for textiles with their various characteristics.

  • Contributing to preserving the country’s resources, whether in terms of energy and water or in terms of raw materials, such as cotton in the first place, as we seek complete compliance with all environmental and industrial laws, as well as cotton import laws, in order to be consistent with the general pattern of the country.


Why Choose Us

  • Our first priority is not only to increase production, but also to maintain quality and give each yarn product its distinctive characteristics and internationally agreed upon standards to suit the characteristics of each fabric for which yarn is required to be manufactured.

  • We pay great attention to the primary raw material for spinning, which is cotton, as we are keen to use high-quality Egyptian cotton first and then complete our supply requirements from the finest cottons in the world from India, Pakistan, Benin and Mali.

  • Diligent keenness to exchange expertise from the technical, administrative and marketing aspects with major companies in the world through the exchange of visits and training courses to achieve further continuous progress in our level of production and not lag behind the latest findings of science and countries of the world in spinning and weaving.

  • Working on the principle of “quality is not affected by high price and price is not affected by high quality.” The principle of balance between price and quality is an original principle for us that we will never give up on. It is one of the most important pillars of our success so that we remain at the level of responsibility and honesty that our customers have given us.

  • The quality of our exhaust yarn is comparable in level to the quality of the completely pure product. This is due, firstly, as previously mentioned, to the quality of the cotton used, and secondly, to the efficiency, development, and modernity of the purification and filtration devices and machines inside our factory.

  • Complete care for compatibility between the company’s management, represented by its Board of Directors, and the workers, technicians, and engineers in the factory. We all work in the spirit of one family and the spirit of one team to ensure the highest possible productivity and the highest quality, and to ensure the continuity of the company’s position and the extent of fulfillment of its obligations with the companies dealing with us. There is no room for any kind of defect in a factory that is dominated by it. The spirit of one family with one goal.

Our certificates

Before we talk about our certificates, our products speak best for us, and our customers are the truest witnesses for us. We are proud to deal with fruitful cooperation with the largest textile companies in Egypt, and we offer them all thanks and appreciation for their trust in us.

 International Cotton Association Certificate

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

International ISO certificates for quality

Although our company was established relatively recently, Bidco International succeeded in obtaining the following international quality certificates in a short time:

[ ISO 14001 ]

[ ISO 9001 ]

We await more certificates, God willing, which we will mention in succession

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