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The future of the spinning industry in Egypt awaits new horizons

Egypt occupies a great position in the world of the spinning industry, as it has a long historical record of productive achievements in this field. During this long journey, it went through varying periods between growth and prosperity at times and decline and decline at other times, affected by several factors of different dimensions ranging from economic and political dimensions, and sometimes environmental, and even Dimensions related to human resources as well.

All of these factors interact with each other in a way that makes the wheel of the country's textile industry oscillate between ups and downs, in addition to an influential factor that cannot be overlooked, which is related to external aspects and the influence of competing countries.

Spinning industry in Egypt
The political leadership pays great attention to the spinning industry sector in Egypt

But we can say today that the wheel of the spinning industry in Egypt has recently begun to move towards a noticeable rise, giving local and foreign investors confidence and encouragement to enter with a more courageous heart with shares that raise their heads in this field. There is a direct and direct relationship between improving the quality of the spinning industry and increasing investment in a way that once again benefits the improvement of the situation, and so on. The more the situation improves, the greater the demand for pumping more investments and concluding more deals, and then the situation is getting better and better as a direct and growing relationship heralds a bright and honorable future for the field of the textile industry in Egypt, whether at the level of the Middle East or at the global level as well.

There is no doubt that Egypt, after the Arab Spring revolution and after a decade of recovery from the effects of the revolution, has become more stable today despite the global economic challenges. However, there are efforts being made, with tangible effects, to return Egypt to the industrial map in general and to the map of the textile industry sector in particular, as we now have a greater opportunity to seize it, especially after the clearly noticeable decline in the Asian tiger countries. The situation has deteriorated significantly in India, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Iran due to the severe confusion to which these countries are exposed today economically, politically and socially as well.

Manpower in the spinning industry in Egypt

Egypt today attracts the attention of international attention, especially from those interested in the field of the textile industry. Egyptian yarn products today compete strongly in terms of quality and price as well. The reason for this is not only due to the growth that has occurred in the field of cotton cultivation, nor only to the steady increase in the number of spinning factories over large areas over recent years, nor to the increase in technical development in the modern machines and devices used, nor to good management and granting The state provides exceptional and unprecedented facilities to develop and increase the area for the textile industry. Rather, all of these factors come together today in Egypt, culminating in a very important factor that has contributed greatly to the success that the country has achieved recently, which is the workforce, starting from the smallest worker in this sector through to engineers. And technicians to heads of thinking leadership. Everyone is uniting their forces for the return of the Egyptian giant in the field of the spinning industry to grow and prosper again.

Spinning industry in Egypt
Egypt is witnessing unprecedented horizontal and vertical growth in the textile industry sector

Let us all continue to complete our country's efforts to raise the banner of Egyptian yarn Above the mountains of industry in the world, because the opportunity increases day after day and the market is very thirsty, especially with the unprecedented increase, expansion and development of the global clothing and textile industry sector. The markets need more and more yarn, so attention must be given to the added value that we raise. It is the case with Egyptian cotton, which was and still is a landmark in the list of cotton types in the world. It is the best ever, according to global agreement, in terms of quality, regardless of poor productivity. The recommendation is to preserve this white gold without wasting it or neglecting it, without it having an added value beyond that. Among its value is the recommendation also to maintain the issuance of laws regulating the import and export of raw materials in this important sector, and also to recommend the continuation of the facilities provided by the state to investors and textile manufacturers, and also to recommend continuing To keep pace with development and modernity and to use the latest machines that save time and energy and be friendly to the environment. The recommendations are many, but the greatest recommendation is for the person who It is the most important resource among all these resources. It is the driving energy for all these forces.

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